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My name is Alberto J. PEREZ.  I am a teacher, husband, and father to three beautiful children. I am a regular family man; one who has to work hard to provide the best he can for his family.  In my private life, I have always been an advocate for those that are less fortunate.  As Dallas County Commissioner, I want to continue being a voice for the people.  Our children need proper education and nutrition; the elderly require affordable health care; all citizens need to feel a sense of safety in their homes and on the roads at night; immigrants continue to look at the US as the beacon of hope that our families sought and found generations ago.

I have always been concerned with seeing hard-working families getting overlooked.  There are many things that have gone from good, to bad, to worse. I want for your family, what I want for my family. I want your family to have access to health care when they need it, to be able to afford higher education, to dream of a good job and nice home, and to feel safe in the neighborhood…

I will make sure that YOUR interests are put first, and that YOUR voice is heard. I want your hard work to actually reflect in the quality of life you are able to provide to your family.  It's time for regular citizens, like you and me, to get out of our comfort zone and participate in politics, so that those who make the laws that govern us actually take into account the real needs of our families. 

There are career politicians out there looking out for the interests of the 1%.  With your help and your vote, I can continue to work for the interests of the remaining 99%.

I am humbly asking for your financial support for my campaign, as I am not seeking financial support from "special interests."  The established politicians are NOT counting on the power of the people!  Please click on the “Make a Contribution” button on the right and support the campaign. Any amount you can afford will be happily accepted.  No contribution is too small. 

With YOUR generous contributions, and YOUR vote, we can create a SAFER, PROSPEROUS, and STRONGER Dallas County. Together, we can do this!

May God bless you and your families.

Alberto J. Perez

Pol. Adv. Paid for by Alberto Perez, Henrique Saldana, Treasurer
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